People of the Arctic

Suite for piano. Premiered by Joachim Kwetzinsky. Duration: 15 minutes.

A suite for piano based on the traditional music of peoples of the Arctic; Inuit in East Greenland, Saami in North Norway, Chukchi in Russia, and Inuit in Alaska.

The original melodies and rhythms are accurately transcribed from recordings, and then used as material for 6 different compositions.

Download the score here

1 – Inuit Song

Based on an Inuit melody, recorded by Helge Ingstad in 1950. The melody is enclosed in atmospheric «arctic» sounds.

2 – Saami Yoik

A Saami Yoik, the melodi is presented in different variations.

3 – Dance of the Chukchi

Music of the Chukchi, a melodi with a strong and interesting rhythm, arranged and developed.

4 – A Saami Yoik through the Wind

A melody subjected to an «impressionistic» treatment, with a musical representation of the wind.

5 – Song of the Nunamiut

Another song from the Helge Ingstad recordings.

6 – Throat Singing

This is a pianistic rendition of the unique throat singing of the Chukchi. (not to be confused with overtone singing). Throat singing is also found among Inuits.

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